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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Try to avoid Twitter Overload Twitter series #4

Our next post on the Twitter series #4. This time we will discuss on Twitter Overload.

What does this term mean to you? Well, this term means that you have became overwhelmed with all the friend request, comments, question or any other tweets that they sent to you on a regular basis. This is also called Social Media Overload, or since this is twitter, Twitter Overload.

Here are a few signs that you are experiencing from Twitter Overload

Non-Stop Use

Probably the most obvious sign of twitter overload. You just can't stop posting information about yourself and everything else. If you are running a topical blog, you might find yourself experiencing burnout of your tweets and follower request. Which isn't a good thing. Set yourself a limiting barrier. Don't get too obsessed.


Think this won't happen to you? Maybe, maybe not. Sometime you just turn off your computer.. ready to sleep.. then you realize "oh god! I forgot to tweet this and that" then you will spent your entire night thinking about it and cause you to experience inability to sleep or insomnia. This is pretty serious if you ask me.

Tips to avoid Twitter Overload:

Set yourself a time limit:

Sound simple? It is actually, it still all boils down to self control. Limit yourself to about 10-15 minutes everyday managing your followers, contacts, interaction that sort. If you are already addicted to Facebook, you wouldn't want to be addicted to twitter as well, do you?

Respect the time you set!
Another simple way to avoid burnout or Twitter Overload. Respect the time you set, 10 minutes means 10 minutes no more! Schedule you time well and don't bypass that limit. Practice self-control. Time management is the key to success.

To be honest, these rules applies more for commercial marketers who WILL be checking their twitter accounts everyday. Most will be obsessed with it bad things happen, so this is why I am providing these tips first before we go a little more in depth on some of the third party software and also get to understand Twitter a little better.

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