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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Project Glass, Another Sci-Fi gizmo by Google?

Project Glass, the latest project by Google which is considered by most to be an 'Advancement In Technology'

As usual, I'm XxRazex and today I decided to post something slightly different from my usual posts about blogging and all and instead talk about Project Glass or Google Glasses.

For all those whom have no idea on what Project Glass is you can read up on it here:
Project Glass (A Google Plus Page or you can just Google it)

Or watch this Demo Video:

Project Glass as what people considered to be one of the best inventions of 2012. Yes best invention of 2012. However, the reason why I wrote this at 2013 is simply because the product itself will be shipped to public in 2013 so there is no point writing so early.

Anyway back to topic, Project Glass is something like what your smartphone can do. It can use location services to track your location, use Wi-Fi to access the internet (Don't see how that's possible however in this video they showed that the person is sharing a post to Google Plus so I'll assume it has Wi-Fi), and have many features of what Siri is capable of. Simple put, Voice Command.

This brings me back to my earlier statement of this being the an advancement in technology. However, what exactly is an advancement in technology? A form of technology where it gives people better convenience, or is an advancement in technology a form of technology where it helps people better their lives?

Sure, convenience can be considered as a way of bettering our lives. But does this really help us? I mean think about it, Location services is a feature available in almost every single smartphone, Wi-Fi or internet in almost every single smartphone. Siri, only available on iOS devices.

Seriously Google, what features does the Google Glass have that differs from your average smartphone with the exception on voice command which is not available on Android.

However, before you start ranting and flaming me in the comments that Google Glasses is a step towards our futuristic technology world. Yes, I agree with that because right now I can more or less imagine that we'll be driving in remote cars and skateboarding in hoverboards in the year 2100 with our glasses on that tells us what time to go home. All these aren't really 'advances in technology' but more like bettering the lives of the people and at the same time gives the people who own it bragging rights.

If you want my opinion on what is considered 'advances in technology', is fulfilling the needs of our society. If you can develop something like a cure for aids or cancer now that's what I call an advance in technology.

Anyway, if you ask me, I'll just dismiss this $1500 gizmo as one of another Google's products that wants to make it look futuristic but is nothing more compared to what a smartphone can do.

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