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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Viral Content, What makes it Viral? (Overview) #2

Viral Content, something that makes people want to talk about it. Making something Viral is not easy to achieve. It requires work and LUCK at the same time. Gangnam Style is an example of luck which is something I will be talking about in the next post.

If you haven't read my first post which is ages ago, I recommend you to read it which is Viral Content (Case Study) then come back to this post.

Making a content viral requires hardwork and luck at the same time. Why do I say that? Have a look at the points below.

Factors leading to a viral Content:

 Hard Work

  • Creating Apps on Facebook, this is not an easy thing to do but I heard some software can automate that task for you
  • Apps can range from quizzes to games.
  • Promoting your content by getting backlinks
  • Commenting on other uses blog.
  • Finding a HOT NICHE ***


  • Finding a hot niche is one thing, getting targeted traffic for your niche is another thing altogether. Without targeted audience to use your apps and promote your brand, then what's the point of creating an app for Facebook in the first place?
  • Spam Apps, unfortunately for all you viral marketers, our users are smart now, depending the audience which you are targeting, when it comes to Facebook app, they can recognize whether it is useless or unproductive and they have a CHOICE not to let your app update their status for them.
  • It dies. Yes, sad to say, many have tried viral marketing but failed because it died halfway before it is even considered viral. Will elaborate more on it later.
See, despite hard work, without Lady Luck beside you, you are going to fail as simple as that. Despite that being the case, I don't want to disappoint you by saying Viral Marketing is impossible. IT IS possible, to a certain extend.

Creating Interactive programs for your users to use CAN GREATLY INCREASE viral potential. Especially via Facebook. However, you should NOT ignore other platforms which will allow you to market your products. We have Digg, Reddit, and many many more which is available at your disposable, it just a matter of whether you want to do it or not as simple as that.

There are TONS of article directories you can make use of, submit articles to them! This will greatly increase your exposure to many more people!

Utilize Marketing Software, please marketers, if you want to make real money, please use a software to automate task for you to greatly reduce your workload, by having good keywords and great exposure, you are like an attractive store in a shopping center with things that people want to buy with no competition (Hot Niche).

Some highly recommended software include:
- Market Samurai (Keyword Researcher)
- Sick Submitter
- Traffic Travis
- Keyword Scouter

Create useful 'gifts' for your users to download. This goes out to all bloggers and marketers. Create something useful that our users will want in exchange for sharing it on Facebook or making them subscribe to you. This will also increase the viral potential of your blog or the items you are marketing.
A little more information on this will be added and soon to this blog.

Making use of PLR's
PLR, private label rights, yes, make use of it. Won't elaborate more on this as this is going to be more than a thousand words post if I elaborate this but this will be available in the next few posts.

Of Course, the question that many people will be asking, I implemented all these methods, WHY IS IT NOT WORKING?

Simple, let me give you a quick representation here of what most bloggers who attempt to make themselves known or marketers do:

(Let's call him John) John found a product which he wants to sell on making commissions eBook! He said "This looks interesting! I want to try selling it. But how should I go about it? Hmm.." (Thinks for a while), "Yes! I will use Facebook and Twitter!"

Then John uses an app that allows users to access his free gift in return for sharing or subscribing to his blog via Facebook and Twitter, shared to majority of the article directories and more. He begins to see a slight increase in his website views and subscribers and beginning to think, "Yes this is working!".

A few days later, his website views suddenly receives a sharp decline of views. John mysteriously wonders to himself, "Why?"

There is a lot of reasons why and if one of the factors is not working in his favor (the luck factor), his attempt at viral marketing will fail as soon as it started to see some bit of success.


Viral is a very simple terminology when someone likes what they see (Or hate), they share to the other person and the other person MUST genuinely like what they see before they are committed enough to do you a favor of sharing and this continues on and on and on till it reaches a viral stage. IF one person doesn't like what they see and decide to stop sharing, it will die, slowly.

It is that simple, having targeted audience is simply NOT GOOD enough, you need to have dedicated audiences as well! This isn't easy to find and that's where many marketers or bloggers fail at.

That's all I'm going to post today, I hope you like this post and subscribe if you liked it and share!
(An attempt to encourage sharing :D)
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