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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Computer Pranks to play #1

Guess what's the above picture?
If your guess is blue screen of death you are correct!

I have some nice collection of computer pranks for you, some are completely harmless (unless they don't know how to revert back) to some that can crash your computer and literally kill your computer (as in kill).

Here are some of the 3 pranks: (Please do not attempt this on your computer)

1. Creating 1000's of folders completely automated

1. First off copy and paste this on your notepad.
@echo off
md %random%
goto top 
2. Then save it as a .bat file. 
In case you do not know how to save
 - Under save as type choose all files
 - Name your file whatever with a .bat at the end

That's all save it and try running on your friends computer.

If you want to mask it, simply create a shortcut, change the name of the icon and the icon image.

2. 'Blue Screen of Death'

This prank is really classic, simply download the blue screen of death image and put it as your wallpaper.
That's all
(This you can try)

3. Mouse inversion (Is it left or right? Arrgh..)

1. Press start and click on Control Panel
2. Click on Hardware and Sounds
3. Go to mouse and click on buttons and you should be able to see this:
computer pranks

4. Follow as instructed, tick that checkbox to switch the primary functions between the two buttons.
5. Click on apply and click ok and close the control panel and wait as your friend rages at you for messing up his or her computer.

That's all for my pranks post for today, stay tuned as there will be more of this coming right up.
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