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Friday, 15 February 2013

Gangnam Style, Why is it so hot #3 (Special Report)

So Gangnam Style, one of the first YouTube video which manage to reach the peak of a 1 billion views and as of this time of writing Gangnam Style has: 1,140,421,375 views.

So why? why is it so HOT? What about this makes it worth sharing with the people worldwide? The answer is actually very simple if you have read my previous post on viral content. Luck

If you ask me why is this so hot?Simple, I have a very simplified answer and a very complex answer, to save writing a full page post, I'm going to write a very simple one.

My Simple Answer

  - La Macarena

There you go! Thank you for reading this post, remember to shar.... okay fine you want to know the complex answer?

La Macarena, the 'music' video that everyone is literally talking about during the 1970's but what makes it so hot?

The dance.

I mean isn't it? Of course the dance itself is not the only thing as to why this is so popular. Right now in terms of pop music the type of pop music that is currently rising up the charts are K-pop or Korean Pop Songs.
Right now everyone including North Americans are crazy about K-pop okay maybe not all but there is a growing majority of people that actually enjoys it.

The only reason why La Macarena is not as hot as Gangnam Style is simply because internet in the past is not as accessible as it is now. If it has, I'm pretty sure it is comparable to Gangnam Style in terms of hits and views.

So there you have it! The reasons why Gangnam Style is SO popular is simple because of the 3 fulfilled criteria.

- It is a Hot 'niche' (K-Pop)
- The number to targeted audience is very broad, not to mention the amount the dedicated audience who is willing to share like mad to make it popular.
- There are people whom like it and decided to share and also found enough of dedicated audience to like and continue sharing on and very soon it began spreading like wildfire and the final results?

Good job, people, you have make Gangnam style the half-a-month overnight success because of your hard work and I congratulate you for accomplishing the impossible feat, or at least not how YouTube predicted it.

Now if only my blog can be shared like that, sigh, 'continues on my wistful dream'.

So there you go! My special report on Why Is Gangnam style so goddamn popular.
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