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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Blogger Trick: Embedding PDF files, Powerpoint slides and more into blogger

Have you always wanted to add in your own PDF or powerpoint document and embed it into blogger? Well now you can with Scribd! 
Look below for an example of a embedded document of Microsoft word (This is used for my recent school research on Vatican City) :
Vatican City

This is how you add your documents regardless whether they are word, pdf or powerpoint and even more. They would all work. 

First, create an account with Scribd: Click Here 
Next, upload one of your document, it can be any of them.
Once you are done, you should see this page, click on the document name and you should see this:
add powerpoint, pdf, word document into blogger

See the button which I boxed? Click on it and copy the embed doc into your blog HTML as shown below:
add powerpoint, pdf, word document into blogger
Embed Document

add powerpoint, pdf, word document into blogger
HTML code
After you have done that, you can preview on your blog and see if it works for you. Although it should work as this is a fluid-sized embed. Meaning it can expand and contract depending on your blog's layout or dimensions.

That's all for this post, comment if you have any doubts about it. Also, remember to like our facebook page or follow us on twitter or even subscribe to us to receive the latest updates of our blog. 

Some additional benefits of using this: There are a lot of people browsing Scribd for good reads. If your uploaded content has added a link back to your site and the readers likes them, they might want to visit your blog. This will result in an increase of views and visitors for your blog.

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